Meet The Lab

GonzalezClaudia LR Gonzalez, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

I was born and raised in Mexico City. I obtained a Bachelor in Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). I have a M.Sc and a Ph.D in Neuroscience from the University of Lethbridge. My graduate work focused on characterizing behavioural and structural changes associated with brain injury, plasticity and recovery of function. During my postdoctoral studies at the University of Western Ontario I worked on projects related to human perception and action. I joined the University of Lethbridge in 2009 as a Canada Research Chair (renewed in 2014). My research in healthy and neurological populations is aimed at understanding sensorimotor integration and control, cognitive and motor interactions, and development of sensorimotor functions.


Current Researchers



Lara Coelho, M.Sc.

Lara finished her M.Sc degree in 2016, where she investigated hand perception. She is starting a Ph.D. in Fall 2017.






nicoleNicole Van Rootselaar, M.Sc.

Nicole joined the lab in 2014 as an undergraduate student, and is currently working on completing her M.Sc. Her research focuses on the interaction between grasping and speech kinematics.






Mariel Rodriguez-Bellizia, B.Sc.

Mariel is completing her M.Sc degree. She is originally from Veracruz, Mexico. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). She is currently investigating the cognitive bias for food detection in a continuous flash suppression (CFS) paradigm, as well as body map distortions.








Daniela Aguilar Ramirez, B.Sc.

Daniela is an undergraduate student majoring in Kinesiology. She uses Lego models and paper-based tasks to look at the visuospatial and mental rotation abilities in humans. She is starting a M.Sc degree in Fall 2017.






Steve Carrell, B.Sc.

Steve is an undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience. With Drs Robbinn Gibb and Claudia Gonzalez, he looks at hemispheric indecision (that is, when one has equal skill at using their right and left hands), and how it relates to executive function.






Clarissa Beke

Clarissa is an undergrad in the lab majoring in Kinesiology. Her current research focuses at looking at the differences between task-dependent reach-to-grasp actions in memory- and visually-guided conditions.






jarrodJarrod Blinch, Ph.D.

Jarrod joined our lab as a post-doc in the Summer of 2015. His current research involves the kinematics of bimanual actions. Jarrod has recently accepted a tenure-track teaching position at Texas Tech University.




jasonJason Flindall, Ph.D.

Jason is a recent graduate of The Brain in Action Lab. His PhD thesis investigated the kinematics of reach-to-grasp actions, specifically task-dependent differences in right- and left-handed movements. He received his PhD in 2017, and is currently an NSERC-funded Postdoctoral Fellow of the BarLab, in the Department of Psychology at UBC (Vancouver).





Kris Cormier, M.Sc.

Kris is researching hemispheric asymmetries in the control of haptically-guided grasping. Specifically, is hoping to discover whether the left-hand advantage for hapsis translates into a left-hand advantage for haptically-guided reach-to-grasp tasks.





Mark Mendoza, B.Sc.

Mark was the Coordinator / Research Associate for the Building Brains & Futures committee. Under the supervision of Dr. Robbin Gibb and Dr. Claudia Gonzalez, he investigated how child outcomes are affected by adult capability. Mark is currently attending the University of Alberta’s MSc Speech-Language Pathology program.





Scott Stone, M.Sc.

Scott is completing his M.Sc under the co-supervision of Dr. Claudia Gonzalez and Dr. Matthew Tata. He is currently working in Dr. Matthew Tata’s laboratory, where he is developing algorithms to approximate motion preprocessing performed on retinal ganglion cells. To do this, he is using a camera that works similarly to the human retina called a neuromorphic camera.



Previous Undergraduate Honours Students

Clarissa Beke (Kinesiology, Sep 2017-April 2018 expected)

Kayla Hauck (Kinesiology, Sep 2017-April 2018 expected)

Sara Codd (Kinesiology, Sep 2014-April 2015)

Mackenzie Lawson (Kinesiology, Sep 2013-April 2014)

Devon Bryant (Neuroscience, Jan 2013-Dec 2013)

Jessica Kress (Kinesiology, Sep 2012-April 2013)

Nolan Murley (Neuroscience, Sep 2012-April 2013)

Katherine Odland (Kinesiology, Sep 2012-April 2013)

Kayla Stone (Psychology, Sep 2012-April 2013)

Kelly Mills (May 2012- Dec 2012)