Recent Presentations

Did you find one of us at a conference recently? Here’s where you can find a copy of the materials we presented.


Banff Annual Seminar in Cognitive Science (BASICS) – May 5-6, 2017

Stories, Songs and Small Structures: Do different auditory stimuli affect your motor plans? (Clarissa Beke, BASICS 2017)

Pantomime vs. Palpable: Applying Weber’s Law to Haptically-Guided Action (Kris Cormier, BASICS 2017)

Significant Semantics: Interaction of meaningful speech and grasping (Nicole van Rootselaar, BASICS 2017)

Motor Lateralization and Cognitive Abilities (Sean Gaiesky, BASICS 2017)

Hearing what you see: A novel visual-to-auditory augmented reality system (Scott Stone, BASICS 2017)

Detectable Delectables: CFS Reveals unconscious bias toward edible objects (Mariel Rodriguez-Bellizia, BASICS 2017)

Wait, Wait: Don’t tell me… Inaccurate, inconsistent, and improbable self-reports from the Edinburgh-Waterloo handedness questionnaire (Jason Flindall, BASICS 2017)

The missing mitt: Underestimation of hand perception in elite baseball players (Lara Coelho, BASICS 2017)


Society for Neuroscience (SfN) Annual Meeting, Neuroscience 2016 in San Diego, California – November 12-16, 2016

On Action Intent: Kinematic dissociation of reach-to-grasp actions (Jason Flindall, SfN 2016)


Rovereto Workshop on Concepts, Actions and Objects: Functional and Neural Perspectives – May 5-8, 2016

Functional Specialization – The role of hand-to-mouth actions (Claudia Gonzalez, CAO 2016)


Banff Annual Seminar in Cognitive Science (BASICS) – April 29-30, 2016

Spatiotemporal Coupling of Bimanual Reach-to-grasp Movements (Jarrod Blinch, BASICS 2016)

Blind Touching – hemispheric asymmetries in haptically guided reaching (Kris Cormier, BASICS 2016)

Computational model of motion sensitive cells using a neuromorphic artificial retina (Scott Stone, BASICS 2016)

Contributions of Vision and Proprioception to Hand Perception (Lara Coelho, BASICS 2016)

Grasp-to-place Kinematics are Independent of Objective Aperture (Jason Flindall, BASICS 2016)

Listen Up – attention to speech interacts with grasping kinematics (Nicole van Rootselaar, BASICS 2016)